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SURFBOARD is both a celebration and an impassioned study of some of the most important designs in surf history. Tracing the roots of the sport to Hawai’i, photographer Joni Sternbach uncovers layers of meaning, historic and cultural clashes, and ultimately the sheer pleasure of the common and utilitarian surfboard and its handmade origins.

Drawn from the supreme collection at the Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center (SHACC) in San Clemente, California, Sternbach demonstrates, through her deft use of her ultra-large large format camera and wet plate collodion glass plates, what it means to capture the mana of these totemic and historic boards.

Surfboard features texts by Joni Sternbach and former pro surfer/Fulbright scholar Jamie Brisick.

Hardbound 96 Pages
First Edition 350 copies
250 include a tipped-in, archival inkjet print, on Hiromi Asuka paper
Signed, numbered, and printed by Joni Sternbach

Design by Vasun Pachisia
Printed in Belgium by Die Keure

Release Date November 2020.

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