Surf Site Tin Type


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by Joni Sternbach

Published by Damiani, 2nd Printing

192 Pages

123 Tintype photographs

30.5×24.8 cm

Published by Damiani, 2nd Printing
Text by Lyle Rexer, April M. Watson, Chris Malloy, Johnny Abegg.

Surf Site Tin Type is an homage to a sport, a way of life and to the people who practice it. Over the last decade, Joni Sternbach has created large-format portraits in tintype of contemporary surfers that put the world of surfing in a new light. Stunning in their detail, these unique images evoke the romance of surfing and the strong individualism of the men and women who live to ride the waves.

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  1. Joni Sternbach


    Tory Daily, The Editors
    With its oversized dimensions, Surf Site Tin Type is probably better suited for a place of pride on your coffee table versus a day on the sand, but this book is a must for any and all beach lovers. It’s a beautiful ode to the surf life from photographer Joni Sternbach, who spent the past decade capturing portraits of contemporary surfers around the world. What makes this such a stunner is Sternbach’s use of tintypes — a 19th-century wet-plate, on-site form of photography — whose resulting patina adds a romance and artistry to her images; it’s a refreshing and welcome move in today’s digital quick-snapshot terrain. Evan L.
    In the wrong hands the length of the exposure and development process the relationship with the subject can turn tense, but here she maintains a graceful balance of trust that leads to gripping images. For this project the wet-plate process truly shines, conceptually as well as aesthetically.

    The New York Times, Lens Blog Diane Cardwell
    Nostalgic and clear-eyed, romantic and dispassionate.

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